• Image of GURT - 'DIYMCA' EP CD
  • Image of GURT - 'DIYMCA' EP CD

featuring 3 brand new tracks and an awesome cover of a classic ‘Madness’ song this is the bands greatest work to date thanks to the awesome recording talents of Steve Sears at Titan Studios who is known fro working with bands like Gallows, The Hell and Hang the Bastard!

Punk + Party = D.I.Y.M.C.A. the brand spanking new EP from London’s filthiest party-doom bastards GURT. A crushingly destructive combination of DIY punk attitude smashed together with a love for all things groove driven, these 4 songs are the perfect follow up to their epic debut HORRENDOSAURUS. Full of crushing riffs, groovy swagger and beastly vocals, these 4 songs are destined to become live favourites as they are unleashed on their upcoming UK tour. Once again here to remind you this is not sludge, this is not doom, this is GURT!!

The 4 track EP is available on CD and the first 50 orders come with an exclusive silver inked canvas patch!!!


1: 8 out of 10 Cunts
2: Scrump
3: Scornmower
4: Baggy Trousers

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