• Image of GURT - 'Horrendosaurus' 12" Vinyl
  • Image of GURT - 'Horrendosaurus' 12" Vinyl

CD of the album on Coloured Vinyl version

Once again recorded at ‘Loud Noises Production’ with Owen Davies and Mixed and Mastered by Nick Kinnish of ‘Serafina Studios’ this team really has got the best out of us and have created something truly monstrous, to add to that it features amazing original artwork from our good friend Dominic Sohor.

Track listing-

1. Gardening with Cthulhu
2. Sludgepuppies
3. Horrendosaurus
4. Eve’s Droppings
5. Winston (They will use your own Lyrics against you)
6. Hoboreaper
7. Exscriptus Spiritus
8. Spiced Doom

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